5 Things to Keep in Mind When Deciding Which Appetizers to Serve at Your Event

Your birthday is coming up and you want to throw a proper dinner party, but you don’t know what to serve. No worries, we have your back. The first thing you need to decide is what type of drinks you will serve. Then you need to decide what appetizers will be served and the main menu. All of these things need to complement each other. To get you started, we have a few tips for deciding on what appetizers you want to serve.

Location and date. If you have decided on a dinner party, you already did this step. If you were to plan a brunch, children’s party, or afternoon tea, your choices would be different.

Guests. Know who your guests are and what they like and dislike. This makes it easier to cater for everyone. Try something new to surprise your guests and tantalize their taste buds. Keep in mind guests that might be vegetarian or allergic to certain things.

Keep it simple. Choose appetizers that can be made in advance and do no need constant attention and preparation. Have them ready when your guests arrive. It is important to keep the appetizers in the same taste profile as the dishes that will follow. Stick to your theme. Try not to serve, for example, sushi appetizers and then serve a deep south feast for mains.

Savory or sweet. Trying new things are good, but serving extra spicy appetizers can numb the palate instead of preparing it for the coming dishes. Stick to simple savory and sweet appetizers so the main event can also be enjoyed.
Variety is good. Your appetizers should include a variety of foods, textures, and tastes. Try to have soft and crunchy, meat and non-meat, bread and non-bread, and different shapes and sizes. It looks good, tastes good, and offers something for everyone.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to deciding what appetizers will be best for your event. Enjoy the challenge and have fun on the day.