About Us

Bev Wizard is a blog all about wine. I find wine to be one of the biggest pleasures in life. When it is served correctly, paired correctly, and enjoyed at the right time, there is nothing better. I love all types of wine, but I have a strong pull towards the dry reds. There is just something about them that makes the world a better place.

I started this blog to share my love of wine and also help others to start loving it. Many people just drink wine because it’s there. They don’t know how to make it an experience and fully enjoy it. So, I decided to help them out and give them tips on how to appreciate wine more. I write posts that educate on the types of wine, how to pair them with the right foods, and how to serve them correctly.

Any questions are welcome and if you want to share your own love of wine, please do so. It is always a great thing when wine lovers come together. There is this unspoken companionship whether you know the person or not. I would love to hear how you enjoy your wine and any other wine-related news.

Wine is one of the big loves of my life and I love sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy the information I share and that it will help you have a whole new relationship with wine.